The use of our high definition, low radiation digital X-rays and intra-oral cameras not only allow the diagnosis of oral heath issues in the early stages, but also allow us to review and explain the findings with patients on a TV monitor, so they can see exactly what we see to better understand their treatment.


Dr. Geyman or Dr. Cranfill will check for the onset of tooth decay, inspect existing dental work like fillings, crowns, dentures, or sealants, and look for signs of tooth grinding (bruxism). Your face, neck, and mouth will be examined for signs of oral cancer. A specialized in depth oral cancer screening option, called Velscope, is also available.


Our doctors and staff will listen closely to identify your concerns, and discuss the goals you have for your dental care. They will combine this with your clinical needs and always act with your very best interest in mind. Treatments plans and financial aspects are reviewed with every patient.

Cleaning (prophylaxis)

Even the best of brushers can’t remove all of the bacteria, plaque, and tartar that build up in the mouth naturally over time. Our skilled and gentle hygienists will gently clean and polish your teeth to remove plaque and tartar, and examine your gums for signs of disease.

*If gum disease is present, your personalized treatment needs will be explained thoroughly, and carried out with your consent.


Dental sealants are thin protective coverings that are placed over back teeth (molars), with deep grooves, to keep food and bacteria out of hard to reach places in children or young teens and prevent decay.